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Who is f7 photography?

We are Jenny and Jeff, a husband and wife photography team that have been together for over 18 years and photographing together for most of that time.

Our photography business has grown and changed just like your family does. We started out just shooting for ourselves, then decided about 10 years ago to share our talent and work with everyone. You may have seen us at one of the local art and street fairs as we would “set up shop” during the weekends and sell our nature and fine art images. We then started to pepper in shooting families and children as favors to people who knew us and wanted our unique perspective. That helped us lay the groundwork for what we are doing today.

We also shoot weddings, spend a lot of our time doing that actually, and quite possibly we were there when your life together began as your wedding photographers. But of course life does not stop when your vows are exchanged, that is really just the beginning. And that is where we want to help you capture the continuing moments...